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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Headquarters : 250, 2-ga, Taepyung-ro, Chung-gu Seoul 100-742 South Korea South Korea web tel. 82-2-727-7114 analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. , group Samsung Group and subsidiaries

Labor 3 Fraud 4 Offshore 5 Sales 160 Bn $.€ /year Profit 18 Bn $.€ /1998 Influence 3
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Samsung GroupSouth Korea100
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2008Samsung sold 17% of the mini-PC bought in the world in 2008.Les Echos
2008Samsung manufactured 21% of the printers bought in the world in 2008.Les Echos
2008Samsung sold 22% of the LCD flat TVs bought in the world in 2008.Les Echos
2007Samsung is the world's third-largest plasma TV manufacturer. Samsung makes 25,4% of the plasma screens bought in the world.Les Echos
2006Asia's biggest maker of chips and mobile phones.Bloomberg
2006Samsung Electronics Co. is the world's largest maker of liquid-crystal displays.Bloomberg
2006Samsung Electronics is the world's second-largest chipmaker.Bloomberg
2006South Korea's largest exporter.Bloomberg
2006Samsung is the world's second-largest maker of semi-conductors.Les Echos
2006Samsung sold 6,2 million LCD TVs in 2006.Les Echos
2004Samsung sold 12,1% of the cellular netsystems installed in China.Les Echos
2003Samsung sells 11,4% of the cellular phones bought in the WorldLes Echos
2003Samsung sells 18,9% of the flat-screen TVs bought in France.La Tribune
2003Samsung sold 10,8% of the cellular netsystems installed in China.
2002Controls 9,8% of the cellular phone market in the World
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Hungary Hungary
H-2310 Szigetszentmiklos Leshegy U.2-4 & 36-24-551-130~2 : Tuner, DY, FBT, MLCC, VCR Drum

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  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2002Choi, Doh-Seok
See the photo of: Choi, Doh-Seok Chief Financial Officer;
2002Lee, Kun-Hee
See the photo of: Lee, Kun-Hee Président du conseil d'administration;
2002Yun, Jong-Yong
See the photo of: Yun, Jong-Yong Chief Executive Officer;
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social impact : country
Closure/Bankruptcy: Spain
El Pais
2004 The Guardian
ILO violation 111 : Empresas como Samsung cesan cada año a 900 embarazadas.: Mexico
La Jornada
social impact : country
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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome buybacksource
2006 Samsung's German offices were raided as part of a European Union probe into suspected price-fixing of SRAM chips. SRAM chips, unlike DRAM memory chips, retain the contents of their memory as long as power remains applied, and are also faster than DRAM chips. They are used for fast memory access, for example in the central processing units of computers.     Reuters
2004   78,2510,3   billion US$
2004   1,75billion US$Asia Times
2002   49,655,88   billion US$
2001   24,72,2   billion US$
2000   27,064,75   billion US$
1999   22,862,78   billion US$
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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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» Financial delinquency in 2007
dubious practice : image
1999slogan: Samsung digital, tout le monde est invité.;
1992slogan: Samsung, technology that works for life.;
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