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SABMiller plc

Headquarters : 1 Stanhope Gate, London, W1K 1AF South Africa South Africa web tel. +44-20-7659-0100 analytics


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« Ethical » rating of SABMiller plc , group and subsidiaries

Fraud 2 Sales 21 Bn $.€ /year Profit 1 Bn $.€ /1998 Influence 1 Infocom 1
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2009SABMiller brewes 43% of the beer drunk in Poland.Les Echos
2006SABMiller's joint-venture CR Snow is China's largest brewer.
2006SABMiller is India's second-largest brewer.Les Echos
2005Brewes 19% of the US beer.Les Echos
2005The world's third- largest brewer.Bloomberg
2004SABMiller beverage production volumes totalled 100 million hectolitres. Lager beer volumes were up 8% to 82 million hectolitres, including organic growth of some 5 %. With the purchase of Bavaria, SABMiller will produce 175 million hectolitres/year.
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Bavaria SA. Colombia71,8Les Echos
Castel Groupe France20
Grolsch Netherlands94,65
Miller Brewing United States of America100Les Echos
Peroni SpA Italia60Confcommercio
South African Breweries plc. United Kingdom100
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address & contact : production type
incentive source
China China
CR Snow (JV with China Resource Enterprise 50%) : Production, beer
Poland Poland
Kompania Piwowarska : Production, beer
 Les Echos
Slovakia Slovakia
Topvar :

  • Environmental impact

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2002Bible, Geoffrey C
See the photo of: Bible, Geoffrey C Director;
2002Camilleri, Louis C
See the photo of: Camilleri, Louis C Director;
2002De Lisi, Nancy J
See the photo of: De Lisi, Nancy J Director;
2001Gaoning, Ning
See the photo of: Gaoning, Ning Director;
2001Manser, Peter J
See the photo of: Manser, Peter J Director;
2001Wyman, Malcolm I
See the photo of: Wyman, Malcolm I Chief Financial Officer;
1999Clifton, Lord Renwick of
See the photo of: Clifton, Lord Renwick of Director;
1999Fellowes, Lord
See the photo of: Fellowes, Lord Director;
1999Kahn, Jacob Meyer
See the photo of: Kahn, Jacob Meyer Chairman;
1999Levett, Michael J
See the photo of: Levett, Michael J Director;
1999Makay, Ernest Arthur Graham
See the photo of: Makay, Ernest Arthur Graham Chief Executive Officer;
1999Morland, Miles Q
See the photo of: Morland, Miles Q Director;
1997Ramaphosa, Matamela C
See the photo of: Ramaphosa, Matamela C Director;
social impact : country
social impact : country
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  • Lobbying & corruption

  • Subsidy

  • Advertising & marketing

year  salesincome source
2007   21,4   billion US$Les Echos
2003   8,30,3   billion US$
2002   3,180,25   billion US$
2001   3,30,33   billion US$
2000   4,130,46   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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