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Mylan Laboratories Inc

Headquarters : 1500 Corporate Dr., Ste. 400 Canonsburg, PA 15317 United States of America United States of America
Job offers, investor relations : web tel. 724-514-1800 email: stock : MYL analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Mylan Laboratories Inc , group and subsidiaries

Fraud 1 Sales 1 Bn $.€ /year Profit 1 Bn $.€ /1998 Wage 802 *min.
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2007Mylan sells 28,4% of the generic drugs bought in France.Les Echos
2006Mylan is the second-largest generic drug maker in the U.S.Bloomberg
2006Fifth-largest generic drug maker in the world.Les Echos
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India India
Matrix (71,5%) : Production,
 Les Echos

  • Environmental impact

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2006Coury, Robert J
See the photo of: Coury, Robert J Chief Executive Officer; salary: 1,5 million US$; stock-options: 4,8 million US$; expenses: 2,94 million US$;
2003Borkowski, Edward
See the photo of: Borkowski, Edward Chief Financial Officer;
2003Coury, Robert J
See the photo of: Coury, Robert J Chief Executive Officer; salary: 2,43 million US$;
2003DeBone, Louis J
See the photo of: DeBone, Louis J Chief Operating Officer; salary: 1,2 million US$; stock-options: 1,72 million US$;
2003Foster, Roger
See the photo of: Foster, Roger Vice-president;
2003Puskar, Milan
See the photo of: Puskar, Milan Chairman; salary: 1,1 million US$;
social impact : country
social impact : country
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  • Subsidy

yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome buybacksource
2005 Sued by the State of California for defrauding the state's $34 billion Medi-Cal program by inflating prices. "We're going to drag these drug companies into courts of law because they've been gouging the public," California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said at a news conference. For example, Medi-Cal paid $804.70 US for a bottle of the hypertension drug Atenolol. Providers such as doctors, clinics and pharmacists paid $33.85 US. As a result, providers reimbursed by Medi-Cal for Atenolol pocketed $770.85 US. The windfalls gave doctors, pharmacies and other providers an incentive to prescribe such drugs, which resulted in even more sales by drug makers, Lockyer said.     Canadian Press
2005   1,25billion US$
2004   1,370,33   billion US$
2003   1,270,27   billion US$
2002   1,10,26   billion US$
2001   0,850,04   billion US$
2000   0,790,15   billion US$
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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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» Financial delinquency in 2007
dubious practice : image
2007slogan: Votre partenaire santé;
2007slogan: Your life;
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