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Most of the Omani workforce continue to be denied their basic labour rights including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Government control over unions persists, and there are serious restrictions of the right to strike. Despite being a member of the ILO, the government has not ratified ILO conventions 87, 98, 100, and 111, which are those core labour standards protecting freedom of association and collective bargaining, nondiscrimination and equal remuneration. The migrant labour force of over 600,000 workers is particularly affected. Many women in the Sultanate of Oman face discrimination. Child labour continues to be found in sectors of the Omani economy such as agriculture, fishing and informal family business as well as camel racing. Oman so far has not adequately enforced measures for the protection of the children involved.
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 25/06/2008 , Oman: The Need to Recognise Trade Union Rights )

Salalah export processing zone
(ITUC-CSI , Suisse , 01/12/2007 , Annual Survey of violations of trade union rights )

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