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Companies from Monaco

Foreign companies established in this country.

Offshore finance

Economy, tax incentives & labor conditions

Social and political structures stable as well as a strict bank secrecy confer on Monaco a high international regard as a money market. The tax policy is liberal and no income tax or on fortune is taken for the private people. The interests, the dividends, the fees and the commissions are exonerated from taxes for the citizens of Monaco as for the foreigners.
(Entreprise , 01/01/1999 )

Monaco counts 52 financial establishments including 38 banks, which gèraient 170 billion FF of deposits and titles in 1996
(Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Monaco , Monaco , 01/01/1998 , Annuaire économique )

Main violations of the human rights and dirty money laundering
(year and company name)

2000 Crédit Foncier de Monaco
2000 Crédit Foncier de Monaco
1997 Banque Rothschild
1994 Elf Aquitaine Group

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