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« Ethical » rating of Transdev , group Veolia Environnement and subsidiaries

Jobs -1% /1998 Pollution 3 Fraud 11 Offshore 7 Sales 36 Bn $.€ /year Wage 248 *min. Influence 6 Infocom 3
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Veolia EnvironnementFrance100Les Echos
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yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome source
2007   2,350,03   billion Eu€Les Echos
2006   1,90,02   billion Eu€Les Echos
2005   1,550,02   billion Eu€Les Echos
2004   0,69   billion Eu€Les Echos
2003   0,58   billion Eu€Les Echos
2002   0,46   billion Eu€Les Echos
2001   0,42   billion Eu€Les Echos
2000   0,36   billion Eu€Les Echos
1996 Three companies, Keolis, Veolia and Transdev, control 83% of the market of the urban transport in France. “On the occasion of the calls of offers (...), these companies are never made competition.” denounce the Council of competition. Thus, on the 122 government contracts passed to France between 1996 and 1998,48 have received only one proposal; one of these 3 groups, 71 received 2 proposals and the 3 groups simultaneously competed for only 5 markets. The Council of competition actually noted that “the cases where the three companies all are candidates on the same call offers are extremely rare”. The Council revealed the existence of a cartel aimed at being distributed the national market of the urban public transport travellers”. Thus, on June 3, 1996, a few weeks after having presented an offer for transport of Laval, one of the executives of Transdev written that it is “agreed (...) that one exchanges Laval against Chalon”. The 21, Transdev withdraws its offer, leaving Keolis alone in track. With Transdev, it is the opposite: Keolis desists on June 13 and yields the ground to Transdev. The Council located such operations with Bordeaux, Bar-le-Duc, Oyonnax or Direction, where the three firms “could impose their price on the local government agencies”. The council condemned them to a total fine of 12 millions euros.     Libération
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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