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Pirelli SpA

Headquarters : Viale Sarca, 222 20126 Milano Italia Italia web tel. 39-02-6442-4688 stock : PIREY analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Pirelli SpA , group and subsidiaries

Jobs -8% /1998 Offshore 1 Sales 8 Bn $.€ /year Profit 4 Bn $.€ /1998 Influence 3
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IFI (Istituto Finanziario Industriale Spa)Italia Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo
MedioBancaItalia4,8La Tribune
Tronchetti Provera (famille)Italia26
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2005World's fifth-largest tire manufacturer.Les Echos
MedioBanca Italia1,9
New Co Luxembourg60La Tribune
RCS MediaGroup Italia1,9
Rinascente Italia
Telecom Italia SpA Italia17Les Echos
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address & contact : production type
incentive source
Brazil Brazil
: pneus pour poids-lours
 Les Echos
China China
Yanzhou, Joint-Venture avec Roadone Tyre (60%) :
 Les Echos
China China
Baoying, Shanghai :
Egypt Egypt
Alexandria Tire Co. :
Egypt Egypt
Alexandrie :
 L'usine nouvelle
Hungary Hungary
MKM Magyar Kabel Muvek :
Indonesia Indonesia
PT Pirelli Cable :
Romania Romania
Slatina : Production, 2 plants
 Les Echos
Romania Romania
Pirelli Romania Cabluri si Sisteme :
Slovakia Slovakia
Kablo Bratislava Spol :
Tunisia Tunisia
Auto Câbles Tunisie (51%) :
 Les Echos
Tunisia Tunisia
 US Government Country Business Profile
Turkey Turkey
Turk Pirelli Kablo ve Sistemleri :
Turkey Turkey
 US Government Country Business Profile

  • Environmental impact

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
1999Buora, Carlo
See the photo of: Buora, Carlo Director;
1999Canzano, Eugenio Coppola di
See the photo of: Canzano, Eugenio Coppola di Director;
1999De Benedetti, Carlo
See the photo of: De Benedetti, Carlo Director;
1999Falck, Alberto
See the photo of: Falck, Alberto Director;
1999Ferrario, Giovanni
See the photo of: Ferrario, Giovanni Director;
1999Gazzoni-Frascara, Giuseppe
See the photo of: Gazzoni-Frascara, Giuseppe Director;
1999Krayer, Georg F
See the photo of: Krayer, Georg F Director;
1999Marchio, Angelo
See the photo of: Marchio, Angelo Director;
1999Morchio, Giuseppe
See the photo of: Morchio, Giuseppe Director;
1999Negri, Carlo Alessandro Puri
See the photo of: Negri, Carlo Alessandro Puri Director;
1999Orlando, Luigi
See the photo of: Orlando, Luigi Director;
1999Perissich, Ricardo
See the photo of: Perissich, Ricardo Director;
1999Pesenti, Giampiero
See the photo of: Pesenti, Giampiero Director;
1999Presutti, Ennio
See the photo of: Presutti, Ennio Director;
1999Provera, Marco Tronchetti
See the photo of: Provera, Marco Tronchetti Chief Executive Officer;
1999Sozzani, Vincenzo
See the photo of: Sozzani, Vincenzo Director;
1999Vischer, Franck
See the photo of: Vischer, Franck Director;
social impact : country
Internal restructuring: Italia
Les Echos
Internal restructuring: Plan social chez Eurelectric, qui fabrique des cordons d'alimentation et des câbles, emploie 244 salariés à La Bresse et Cornimont (Vosges). Quelque 69 suppressions d'emplois, dont 57 concernent des ouvriers répartis sur les deux sites ont été annoncées par la direction.:
Les Echos
social impact : country
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  • Subsidy

year  salesincome source
2001   7,510,08   billion Eu€
2000   7,483,6   billion Eu€
1999   6,620,31   billion US$
1998   6,580,32   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
 4 informations, access to subscribers
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
1999Deregulation and "maximum liberalization" through WTO, GATS : TABD (Transatlantic Business Dialogue) : : US Government / European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
1999Access to public services (privatization through GATS) : ERT (European Roundtable of Industrialists) : : European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
1999Market access and investment protection (through WTO, GATS), avoid social and environmental rules : ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) : : WTO, GATS translateCorporate Europe Observatory
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» Influence in 2007
purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
 3 informations, access to subscribers
» More influence from Pirelli SpA
» Influence in 2007
dubious practice : image
2005slogan: Sans maîtrise, la puissance n'est rien.;
1997slogan: Power is nothing witout control.;
1996slogan: Pirelli, the most wanted tyres.;

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