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yearfinancial misdemeanorsales source
2008 The Council of competition sanctions the Onet company (leader of industrial cleaning in France) and companies Spid SA, Spid Anjou and limited liability company HMS (hereafter, called Spid groups) to have exchanged information before the deposit of their offers within the framework d' a market launched by l' Public office of HLM of Mayenne concerning the cleaning of the common parts of the buildings. The Onet company and the companies of the Spid group exchanged, before the deposit of the offers, information relating to the prices (costs of the hand d' work, of l' framing and of the supplies) but also on the composition of the qu' proposals; they s' prepared to make with l' OPHLM of Mayenne, l' objective being to reveal the Spid group like highest bidder on each batch put in competition. By nature, made agreements with l' occasion d' calls d' offers are particularly serious. In l' species, l' agreement generated a significant rise in the price of the services of cleaning, overcost which was entirely reflected on the rental loads of the social tenants. The Council to them inflicted the following sanctions: Onet Services: 1.560.000 euros, Spid: 68.000 euros/Spid Anjou: 22.000 euros/High Mayenne Services: 30.000 euros.     Conseil de la concurrence
2005   1,01   billion Eu€
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