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Mars Inc.

Headquarters : Mc Lean Virginia United States of America United States of America web tel. 703-821-4900 analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Mars Inc. , group and subsidiaries

Jobs -4% /1998 Pollution 3 Fraud 2 Offshore 1 Sales 25 Bn $.€ /year Wage 141 *min. Influence 6 Infocom 4
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Mars (famille)United States of America33L'Expansion
Mars, Forrest EdwardUnited States of America33L'Expansion
Mars, John FUnited States of America33L'Expansion
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2008Mars makes 14,4% of the candies eaten in the world.Les Echos
2004Mars makes 16% of the candies eaten in the world.Capital
Royal Canin SA France100
Wrigley JR Co. United States of America90Les Echos
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social impact : country
Les Echos
Les Echos
Internal restructuring: Will close a plant in Slough that produces Twix, Minstrels and M&Ms. Its operating profit in Europe fell 15% to £166 million in 2003. Mars planned to close six European factories to save £350 million a year. The group who employs 2500 UK employees would move manufacturing to Poland, the Czech Republic and Holland.: United Kingdom
European Restructuring Monitor
Les Echos
social impact : country
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country : consequences
2002France brand: Pedigree : Production, purchase or sale of genetically modified organisms which may cause an irreversible genetic pollution, a destruction of the biodiversity and health risks for the consumers.60 millions de consommateurs
1998United Kingdom : Rejets illégaux: amende 7000 UK£Ethical Consumer

  • Subsidy

year  sales source
2007   25   billion US$Les Echos
2003   15   billion US$Capital
2002   16,2   billion US$
2001   17   billion US$
2000   15,4   billion US$
1999   15,2   billion US$
1998   15   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
2005Faire annuler une loi interdisant la présence de distributeurs automatiques de sodas et snacks dans les écoles, afin de lutter contre la malnutrition des enfants. : Parlementaires UMP : : Parlement français translateLe Monde
2004To prevent binding EU legislation on European Resources : ASSURE (The Association for the Sustainable Use and Recovery Of Resources in Europe) : : Commission Européen translateASSURRE
2004Prevent binding environmental regulations : Europen (The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment) : : European Commission translateEuropen
2001Access to foreign market (through MAI, WTO, GATS), prevent binding environmental regulations : USCIB (US Council For International Business) : : US Government translateUSCIB
2000Prevent binding regulation, co- or self-regulation instead. : American Chamber of Commerce's EU Committee : : European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
1999Market access and investment protection (through WTO, GATS), avoid social and environmental rules : ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) : : WTO, GATS translateCorporate Europe Observatory
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purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
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» More influence from Mars Inc.
» Influence in 2007
dubious practice : image
2006Disinformation: Mars broadcasted a video news release (VNR), a fake TV news, on cable channel KTVI-2, without disclosure.: PR Watch
2005Disinformation: Mars is funding research that says chocolate is good for your heart. Mars is even placing its new CocoaVia bars in the health food aisles, near nutrition bars rather than candy, in retailers.: slogan: CocoaVia. Be Good to Your Heart Everyday.; public relations: WPR Watch
2005Disinformation: Mars spent $1 million per year subsidizing a newsletter which claimed that eating chocolate could prevent cavities.: PR Watch
2002slogan: Suzi Wan: facettes de l'art culinaire asiatique : goût, parfum, plaisir, équilibre.;
2001ad budget: 953 million US$; Advertising Age
2001Arguable partnership: Ministère de la Culture: Fête de la musique: CB-News
2001 ad
2000ad budget: 1085 million US$; Advertising Age
2000 ad
2000slogan: Pedigree Fortivil.; ad
2000slogan: Pedigree; ad
1999slogan: Le chocolat fond dans la bouche, pas dans la main.;
1998ad budget: 1070 million US$; Advertising Age
1998slogan: Aide votre chien à renforcer la résistance de son organisme.;
1998slogan: Sheba, une histoire entre votre chat et vous.;
1997slogan: Mars et ça repart.;
1997ad budget: 1094 million US$; Advertising Age
1996ad budget: 1289 million US$; Advertising Age
1991slogan: Taste the rainbow.;

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