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Estee Lauder Co.

Headquarters : 767 5th Avenue New York, NY 10153 United States of America United States of America
Job offers, investor relations : web tel. (212) 572-3980 email: stock : EL analytics


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« Ethical » rating of Estee Lauder Co. , group and subsidiaries

Fraud 2 Offshore 1 Sales 8 Bn $.€ /year Profit 3 Bn $.€ /1998 Wage 1477 *min. Influence 1
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address & contact : production type
incentive source
Switzerland Switzerland
Estee Lauder AG :
Offshore finance, secret bank account, tax haven, shell companies or free zone(s)

  • Environmental impact

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2003Langhammer, Fred
See the photo of: Langhammer, Fred Chief Executive Officer; salary: 6,8 million US$; stock-options: 10,22 million US$;
2003Lauder, Leonard
See the photo of: Lauder, Leonard Chairman; salary: 3,46 million US$; stock-options: 4,16 million US$;
2000Barshefsky, Charlene
See the photo of: Barshefsky, Charlene Director;
2000Forester, Lynn
See the photo of: Forester, Lynn Director;
2000Hockaday, Irvine O
See the photo of: Hockaday, Irvine O Director;
2000Kunes, Richard W
See the photo of: Kunes, Richard W Chief Financial Officer;
2000Langhammer, Fred H
See the photo of: Langhammer, Fred H Chief Executive Officer;
2000Lauder, Ronald S
See the photo of: Lauder, Ronald S Director;
2000Lauder, William P
See the photo of: Lauder, William P Director;
2000Parsons, Richard D
See the photo of: Parsons, Richard D Director;
2000Rose, Marshall
See the photo of: Rose, Marshall Director;
2000Wattleton, Faye
See the photo of: Wattleton, Faye Director;
See the photo of: Chilton, Vice-president;
1998Lauder, Leonard A
See the photo of: Lauder, Leonard A Chairman of the Board; salary: 5,34 million US$;
social impact : country
Internal restructuring: Estee Lauder cuts 6% of its work force, over the next two years.:
social impact : country
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  • Subsidy

yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincome buybacksource
2008   7,910,47   billion US$Les Echos
2007   7,040,45   billion US$
2007 L'Oréal, Clarins, LVMH, Chanel, Procter & Gamble, Coty, Estee Lauder, Shiseido and PPR were fined 10 millions euros by the German Federal Cartel Office for sharing data on a 1.5 billion euros german cosmetics market. A probe by the cartel office revealed that the companies exchanged data since 1995 including plans to increase prices. Nine current or former managers were also penalized. "Because of the exchange of information, there's the danger that cosmetic companies coordinate their market behavior".    
2006   0,24   billion US$
2006 Sanctionné pour entente entre 13 parfumeurs et 3 distributeurs pour que les parfums soient vendus à un prix unique au consommateur. Amende globale de 46 millions d'euros.     Conseil de la concurrence
2005   0,41   billion US$
2005   48million sharesForbes
2004   5,760,34   billion US$Les Echos
2003   5,120,32   billion US$
2002   4,740,19   billion US$
2001   4,610,31   billion US$
2000   352,6   billion FF
1998   3,960,27   billion US$
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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purpose : intermediary/lobby : institution
1999Deregulation and "maximum liberalization" through WTO, GATS : TABD (Transatlantic Business Dialogue) : : US Government / European Commission translateCorporate Europe Observatory
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dubious practice : image
2001ad budget: 177 million US$; Advertising Age
2000ad budget: 187 million US$; Advertising Age

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