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Cipta Mebelindo Lestari PT

Headquarters : Medan North Sumatra Indonesia Indonesia web tel. 62-61 6990111 email: analytics


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Labor 1
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2008Astra Agro Lestari is Indonesia's largest agricultural company.Bloomberg
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social impact : country
ILO violation 87 : Members of the "SBSI 1992" union at the PT Cipta Mebelindo Lestari furniture factory went on strike and launched a series of public demonstrations in March to publicise the company’s continued violations of the labour law and failure to pay the minimum wage during the previous two years. On 6 March, the Deputy Chairman of the union, Junius Nakhe, was beaten and slashed by thugs hired by factory management. The police declined to make arrests despite the fact that the union was able to identify the attackers. In April, factory management started firing union activists among the workers, and laid off 447 of the factory’s 800 workers. On 31 July, Samsir Hasibuan, a union member, was shot by the police in the knee. Police claimed that Samsir was shot while destroying property in front of company gates, but eyewitnesses from the union state they saw police enter Samsir's house, drag him out, and shoot him. After being shot, Samsir was arrested and kept under detention at the hospital until he was transferred to jail on 12 August. He and two other union members, M. Ridwan and Kamiso, who were also arrested on 31 July were charged with destroying company property.: Indonesia
social impact : country
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