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Xe ex-Blackwater

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Iraq Iraq
: Production, Blackwater is one of the main private providers of security within Iraq
 BBC News

  • Environmental impact

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2008Jackson, Gary
See the photo of: Jackson, Gary Chief Executive Officer;
social impact : country
Les Echos
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country : description
2008Iraq : Blackwater is branded of 168 crimes and serious offences in Iraq.Les Echos
2007Iraq : A Blackwater employee was responsible for the shooting death of a bodyguard for one of Iraq’s vice presidents, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Christmas Eve in 2006. The Blackwater guard had been drinking heavily in the Green Zone, according to the report, and tried to enter an area where Iraqi officials live. The employee was fired, but left Iraq without being prosecuted, the report said.New York Times
2007Iraq : Blackwater USA has been banned from working in Iraq by the Iraqi government after a shooting that left eight Iraqis dead and involved an American diplomatic convoy. A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Khalaf, said Monday that authorities had canceled the company’s license and that the government would prosecute the participants. But under the rules that govern private security contractors here, the Iraqis do not have the legal authority to do so. A law issued by the American authority in Iraq before the United States handed over sovereignty to Iraqis, Order No. 17, gives the companies immunity from Iraqi law. About 126,000 people working for contractors serve alongside American troops, including about 30,000 security contractors.New York Times

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yearfinancial misdemeanor source
2007 Blackwater is accused of tax evasion, the private security firm omitted "to declare and to pay several million dollars of social security contributions, sickness insurance and unemployment, among other things", affirmed Henry Waxman, democratic member of the parliament from California and president of the parliamentary commitee on the government reform and evaluation.     AFP
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dubious practice : image
2007Disinformation: Blackwater USA has hired the PR firm Burson-Marsteller for crisis management, following a September 16 incident in which the company killed 17 Iraqi civilians, according to the Iraqi government's investigation.: AP
2007slogan: The most comprehensive professional military... company in the world; BBC News

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